Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chinese Steel in Giant Dam Project Questioned by Think Tank

Recently a Think Tank questioned the steel used in the giant Chinese Dam Project. The massive project is clearly the largest in the World and a bold step for China. Yet some feel too many corners were cut and not enough new technologies were used, they are even questioning the quality of the steel inside the dam, type of concrete mix used and the over all strength in case of an Earthquake. Although the area or region is not known for Earthquakes it sure as heck will be once the dam is in place and all that water weight is redistributed in a different way from which the land mass has become accustomed.

Is the quality of steel being used good enough? And why all the quick shuffling and mergers in the Chinese Steal Industry lately, as that really does not make much sense. The competition for steel in the world is moderate and although the prices are down around the world certainly the demand in China is up 10-fold over a decade or two ago. Especially, with the Chinese Navy on the warpath and looking to flex its muscle and all the ship building there should not be any surplus. Consider also all the massive infrastructure going on right now in China?

Well, steal industry indicators and plate tectonics aside, some say there is something fishy about the steel inside that dam and its strength in a major Earthquake? What do I think personally? I think that time will tell and until we find out more information, every thing else is merely speculation. So, consider all this in 2006.

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